YOUNG DANCE Festival Zug
Sat 28.09 3.00 p.m. JUNGES THEATER

YOUNG DANCE Festival Zug

+Erba – A Forest in the City – Compagnia TPO (IT) | 4+


CHF 15.– (Children)
CHF 25.– (Adults)

Recommended age: 4+
Duration: 50 minutes without an intermission

Exploration of the stage installation after the school performances on Fri 27.09.
Workshop after the performances on Sat 28.09.

Bühne Theatersaal

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This performance sees the young audience as well as the dancers from Compania TPO become part of a city where trees grow on houses, where grass grows and animals live everywhere, surrounded by colour. At the beginning of the show, «+Erba» is nothing but two enormous sheets on the stage. The two dancers add the pictures to these surfaces, and the movements of their bodies are transformed into in a dynamic environment. Suddenly within the city, a big factory appears which grows and grows, driving away the insects, birds and people and chasing the greenery. This is when the audience gets involved…

«+Erba» is an interactive performance and installation which brings to life new forms of expression which overcome language and cultural barriers. With the use of digital designs, the stage is transformed into a dynamic combination of images, sounds and bodies – in short, into an imaginary city of the future.

Artistic direction: Francesco Gandi and Davide Venturini
Performance/Dance: Běla Dobiášová and Valentina Consoli
Technical development: Rossano Monti
Visual design: Elsa Mersi
Music and sound development: Federica Camiciola and Francesco Fanciullacci
Costumes: Annamaria Clemente
Requisites: Livia Cortesi

Teatro Metastasio di Prato | Gemeinschaftsproduktion des Wheeler Opera House in Zusammenarbeit mit Aspen, CO – Region artists and environmental history.

Young Dance Festival 2024 sets the world in motion! National and international productions take young people on an exciting journey of (self-)observation, where playfulness, quirky ideas and critical questions are very welcome. The festival will host two wonderful productions at the Theater Casino Zug.

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