Our philosophy: sustainable and regional


In addition to the well-being of our guests, sustainability is also very important to us. For example, we are committed to working with small producers and certified products from Fairtrade Max Havelaar. Since 2018 we have been cultivating rare ProSpecieRara vegetables, tasty herbs and the finest tubers on leased land. This is how we bring a lot of delight and even more sustainability to the table. Short transport distances (5 minutes from the garden to the headquarters) save a lot of CO₂.

In order to be able to offer fresh vegetables all year round, seedlings are planted little by little. Zero waste is also an important requirement for us: Thanks to the creativity of our GAMMA chefs, every last bit is being used. And whenever vegetables cannot be served directly to guests, GAMMA kitchens produce by-products.

But it is not only in the garden that we are committed to sustainability: The vegetables come into our kitchens without packaging in reusable crates. 

In order to follow the path of sustainability consistently, we have undergone an intensive audit by the sustainability experts of Co2ol and Famab. The result is gratifying: we have been awarded the "Sustainable Company" sustainability certification. We are motivated to convey to customers and guests how to use resources sparingly and make a joint contribution to a better world.

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