SILBERBÜX as a trio
Sun 11.05 3.00 p.m. JUNGES THEATER

SILBERBÜX as a trio

A family concert for everyone aged 4 and up

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CHF 15.– (Children)
CHF 25.– (Adults)

Recommended age: 4+
Duration: 60 minutes without an intermission


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At last, Silberbüx are back to take to the stage at the Theater Casino Zug and whisk the audience off on a wild ride! Steffi, Benno and Maurice will be singing old hits and new songs, guaranteed to get youngsters on their feet or up on the seats. The barn has a mysterious cellar, while the old house has a dusty attic. These are great places for hide-and-seek until it gets dark, and bonds of friendship are sworn forever and a day in the barn. Much-loved children’s music trio Silberbüx unfold a world of adventure and the sheer joy of making music together.

With: Steffi Hess, Benno Muheim und Maurice Berthele 

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