Gläuffig & Echo vom Schattenhalb
Sun 03.11 11.00 a.m. Heimatklänge-Abo

Gläuffig & Echo vom Schattenhalb

Heimatklänge #2

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In the first season of the new «Heimatklänge» (Sounds of home) series, Zug clarinettist Mathias Landtwing stole the show with his dynamic, circus-style Swiss Ländler music. This time around, he will back on the Zug stage with the Gläuffig quartet as well as the Echo vom Schattenhalb trio from Muotatal. It is the juxtaposition of two worlds, which nevertheless have plenty in common: both have a deeply rooted connection with traditions handed down, which they deeply respect whilst tapping into their love of experimentation.

This unusual blend of tradition and innovation opens up a new side to Swiss folk music while highlighting the curiosity and love of experimentation of all involved. On the one hand, you have the incredible virtuoso that is Gläuffig, for whom no arrangement is too difficult, no rhythm too complex. And on the other, you have the Schwyzerörgeli (diatonic accordion) players from the remote village of Muotatal – the preserve of the most primitive and unconventional folk music in Switzerland. They play and sing lively Schwyzerörgeli dances, combined with renditions from the traditional Büchel (mini-Alphorn), and songs ranging from the hearty Jüüzli to the melancholy Chuäreihäli which hail from Central Switzerland. In short, their performance promises to be a traditional folklore gem! The contrast with Gläuffig’s programme is perfect. His latest work – «Momentum» – is a composition where folk music meets radical expansions of sound, harmony, melody and rhythms.

Clarinet: Mathias Landtwing 
Accordeon: Fränggi Gehrig
Piano: Lukas Gernet 
Bass: Pirmin Huber

Echo vom Schattenhalb 
Örgeli: Cornel Schelbert und Daniel Schmidig 
Bass: Bernhard Betschart 

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