Die Physiker
Tue 21.01 7.00 p.m.

Die Physiker

von Friedrich Dürrenmatt | 14+

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Recommended age: 12+
Duration: 120 minutes incl. intermission

Introduction at 6:45 p.m. (German)

For schools: Workshop on request


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In a private sanatorium, run by a psychiatrist named Dr Mathilde von Zahnd, there are three physicists. One thinks that he is Albert Einstein, the second Isaac Newton and the third – Möbius – sees King Solomon. A nurse is found dead – the second murder in a short space of time. The clinic becomes the scene of the crime, and Ernesti – the one who believes he is Einstein – admits to the murder. The perpetrator of the first killing also turns out to be Beutler, who thinks that he is Isaac Newton. When another nurse finds out that Möbius is faking his madness and confronts him, as well as with the fact that she is in love with him, she has to believe him too. For Möbius, staying in the clinic is the only way to protect the world from his radical findings that could potentially endanger mankind. But will his plan succeed? And who in reality are Einstein, Newton and Möbius? 

With: Katharina von Bock, Michael von Burg, Axel Julius Fündeling, Jonas Gygax, Mia Lüscher, Pit-Arne Pietz, Doris Schefer, Miriam Wagner 
Direction: Niklaus Helbling 
Scenery: Alain Rappaport 
Costume: Luisa Beeli Musik Felix Huber 
Dramaturgy: Anastasia Ioannidis
Production: Theater Kanton Zürich 

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