Los Bailes Robados
Sat 22.03 7.30 p.m.

Los Bailes Robados

Contemporary flamenco with live music by David Coria

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Duration: 80 minutes without an intermission

Gönner:innen Anlass at 4:30 p.m.

Introduction at 6:45 p.m.


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Seville choreographer and dancer David Coria is bringing his «Los Bailes Robados» dance show – already much-lauded in France and Spain – to Switzerland for the first time. Five dancers, accompanied by flamenco singer David Lagos and two musicians, will perform superlative contemporary flamenco.

The inspiration for his «Los Bailes Robados» (The stolen dances) choreography is a historically recorded «dance epidemic» in Strasbourg back in 1518. People danced until they were completely exhausted, some even dancing themselves to death. This «choreomania» experienced other outbreaks over the years. In a time when authority and religion ruled, mass movements such as these were a way of seeking existential salvation via a collective dance trance. With his contemporary flamenco choreography, Coria uses this rebellious form of dance to deal with the themes of freedom and salvation. After all, as Pina Bausch famously said: «Dance, dance – otherwise we are lost». 

Dance: David Coria, Aitana Rousseau, Florencia Oz, Iván Orellana und Marta Gálvez
Vocals: David Lagos
Violoncello, Vocals: Isidora O’Ryan
Sopran-, Tenor-Saxophon: Juan M. Jiménez
Choreography: David Coria

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