KLANGSPUR Fritz Hauser
Sun 09.03 5.00 p.m. Own production

KLANGSPUR Fritz Hauser

Percussion project with professionals & amateurs

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World premiere/own production

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Recommended age: 8+
Duration: 75 minutes

For schools: A look behind the scenes after the school performance


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KLANGSPUR is a large-scale percussion project ranging from solos to big ensembles, from one lone drum to a sound without end. It involves pros, amateurs and people of all ages for whom sound is as important a part of life as breathing. Renowned percussionists Fritz Hauser, Leonie Klein and Peter Conradin Zumthor are the percussive core of this new large-format sound installation made for people who simply love music.

 Fritz Hauser’s new «Klangspur» (Trace of sound) project has seen him invite up to 100 amateurs to take to the stage of the Theater Casino Zug with the pros and release their sounds. Anyone who loves rhythms and large-scale sound experiments is invited to join in. If you are interested in taking part, send an e-mail to tmgz(at)theatercasino.ch  with the subject: KLANGSPUR.

Drums, percussion and conducting: Fritz Hauser
Drums, percussion: Leonie Klein und Peter Conradin Zumthor
Movement training, choreography: Beatrice Goetz
Light design: Rolf Derrer

Percussion ensemble (approx. 8 participants from music schools, private individuals)
Klangspur ensemble (50-100 participants from music schools, schools, clubs, retirement homes, private individuals)

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