Jeanne d’ArpPo – Die tapfere Hanna
Fri 22.11 7.30 p.m.

Jeanne d’ArpPo – Die tapfere Hanna

Gardi Hutter

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Recommended age: 8+
Duration: 70 minutes without an intermission
Language: Nonverbal

Talk after the performance with Gardi Hutter (German)


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In 1981, Gardi Hutter debuted her solo show «Jeanne d’ArpPo – Die tapfere Hanna» (Courageous Hanna). Over four decades on and as part of her Swiss tour, Hutter will be performing all four Hanna shows for the very last time, with two of them at the Theater Casino Zug.

The stories of Hanna the Clown are tragi-comic metaphors for our hopeless striving for happiness, stripped of words but full of babbling and providing an exclusive insight into the unique global cultural legacy that this clown is leaving us.

With: Gardi Hutter
From: Gardi Hutter and Ferruccio Cainero
Direction: Ferruccio Cainero

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