Theater- und Musikgesellschaft Zug

The performances organised by the Theater- und Musikgesellschaft Zug (Theater and Music Society of Zug) at the Theater Casino Zug are a veritable beacon of culture for the city of Zug and the surrounding region. The programme is innovative and refreshing, without ever compromising on quality, and covers music (classical, jazz, folk/world music), dance, theatre and comedy, all in a unique lakeside location. The Theater- und Musikgesellschaft, which is now over 200 years old and which built the Theater Casino Zug a century ago, is one of the oldest cultural institutions throughout the country. The fact, that the society has over 1,000 members and patrons, proves that it has a strong support of the local community.

Direction & Administration

Further office members

Nicolett Theiler, Fundraising
Manuel Gübeli, Texting and Editoring


Further members of the committee

Heini Schmid, Vice President
Remo Hegglin, Projects
Simone Huber, Members
Yezza Mehira
Christina Michel, Patrons
Andreas Okle, Finance and Sponsoring

Theater Casino Zug

Artherstrasse 2-4, 6300 Zug