Wed 04.04 1.30 p.m.

Neues vom Räuber Hotzenplotz

Zürcher Märchenbühne

Who's that bandit, causing terror throughout the land? Watch out! It's Hotzenplotz the Robber. And he has managed to outwit the (admittedly dim-witted) Officer Dünklimoser and broken out of gaol. Now it's up to Kasper and Seppli to get this villain back behind bars – which is easier said than done, as this rotten cheat Hotzenplotz has stolen Dünklimoser's uniform and is now masquerading as a policeman. Thank heavens for dotty old Widow Schlotterbeck and her fortune-telling – she'll be able to help Kasper and Seppli out…

Who will come along?

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Otfried Preussler author
Jörg Schneider adaptation in Swiss dialect
Hubert Spiess, Erich Vock direction
Max Röthlisberger set
Matthias Thurow music
Bettina Kuhn, Bella Neri, Daniel Bill, Simon Keller, Thomas Meienberg, Nico Savary Bahl actors

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