Man sieht Rot
Tue 22.10 8.00 p.m. Opening night
Comedy / theater

Man sieht Rot

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Sven Furrer & Barbara Terpoorten

A TV star becomes embroiled in a scandal, loses his cool then meets a female psychologist – one he knew from the past. The dim and distant past, back when they were together. Up until their rather traumatic separation. That is the fiction: the reality involves "Edelmais" comedian Sven Furrer and Barbara Terpoorten (the police inspector from TV’s "Der Bestatter"), who turn this from a comedy into something absolutely crazy. It’s ambiguous, absurd and yet deep. As well as being incredibly funny and, believe it or not, romantic.

A production of KAN&SOL

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Igor Bauersima script, direction 
Sven Furrer, Barbara Terpoorten actors

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Man sieht Rot

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