Keynote Jazz
Wed 02.09 7.45 p.m.

Keynote Jazz

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The first Wednesday every month has been jazz night in the Bar & Lounge of the Theater Casino Zug for a good number of years now. This season, we will be releasing details of the live acts shortly before their performances, but one thing we can tell you already is that whether you check out the programme in advance or simply decide to come along to the bar on a whim, you will hear jazz … and it will be good.


Wed, 05.08.2020, 19:45 Uhr
Maurus Twerenbold (ps), Lukas V. Gernet (p)

The duo plays their own compositions in the style of the Great American Songbook. Their love for beautiful melodies and chords is as much a part of this line-up as their joy in rhythm. In the intimate duo context without drums and bass there is plenty of room for interplay and creative playing. This concert was originally planned for 6 May.

Wed, 02.09.2020, 19:45 Uhr
Lady sings the blues
Christina Jaccard (voc), René Mosele (trb), Gregor Müller (p),Patrick Sommer (b e-b), Curt Treier (dr)
Special guest: Bruno Spoerri (sax lyricon)

The program "Lady sings the Blues" is a sophisticated homage to the black American jazz and blues world. Famous for her expressive voice, Christina Jaccard lives her music with deep honesty and irresistible charisma. The five musicians captivate their audience with their very own style and evoke memories of great names at the same time.
Bruno Spoerri is a pioneer of electronic music and co-founder of the Swiss Centre for Computer Music. He is particularly interested in improvisation with the saxophone and his "Computer-Assisted jazz".


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