Emma und der Rehwolf
Sun 28.04 3.00 p.m. Junges Theater

Emma und der Rehwolf

Ein Stück von Familie Schrammel mit Musik für die ganze Familie | 5+

CHF 25.– (adults) / 15.– (children)

Recommended age: 5+
Duration: 70 minutes
Language: German

Bühne Theatersaal

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Emma is so tired by school and what she does in her free time that she is ordered to take a break on a farm, where she quickly makes friends with the animals. When Rascal the young pig runs away into the forest, Emma and the others rush to his aid – after all, the forest is home to the fearsome dear-wolf….

Acting & Vocals: Newa Grawit, Monika Varga, Peter Rinderknecht, Krishan Krone 
Musical direction, live music: Pascal Nater 
Direction: Krishan Krone, Charlotte Joss 
Author: Lea Gottheil 
Composer: Roman Glaser 
Oeil extérieur & mediation: Gabi Mojzes 
Stage: Beni Küng 
Costumes: Bettina Brunold 
Production management: Diego Valsecchi, Krishan Krone 
Light design: Jens Seiler 
Production: Familie Schrammel 
Coproduction: Lucky Artist Company, Mittelland Produktion

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