Die faulste Katze der Welt
Sun 04.06 3.00 p.m.

Die faulste Katze der Welt

Ein Stück mit Musik für Menschen ab 5 Jahren

CHF 20.– / 15.–

for ages 5+
Duration: 60 min.


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The laziest cat in the world is very busy. It has a perfectly planned programme of idleness every day from 10.02 in the morning until 16 minutes past midnight. So as not to wear itself out, the cat does everything from its favourite couch – well, almost everything. A trip to the back of the garden to answer the occasional call of nature is unavoidable. Another real imposition on its calm, meditative peace and quiet is the neighbour’s football-playing dog Rudi. This stupid hound’s barking and kicking makes the cat’s stomach turn, it really does. And so one day, the cat decides to head to the toilet in the middle of Rudi’s football match. And crashes into the dog. As the fat old cat rolls back onto the coach, exhausted and about to fall asleep, it notices something leaping about on its leg – it turns out that a flea has hopped on board during the collision with Rudi. What a catastrophe! It’s exactly what Mother had always warned them about. The clever cat knew, though, that fleas like nothing more than a change of scenery, and so off it went to try to become flea-free once again, at the expense of the guinea pig groomer, the singing teacher and the football coach…

“The laziest cat in the world” (“Die faulste Katze der Welt”) tells of why it is worthwhile to venture out into the world and gain new experiences and friendships. And regardless of what kind of fleas bites you, be thankful for the opportunity it provides…

With Chantal Dubs, Manuel Herwig, Andi Peter 
Author Gertrud Pigor, nach dem Bilderbuch von Franziska Biermann 
Direction Wojtek Klemm 
Stage & Costumes Prisca Baumann 
Music Andi Peter 
Dramaturgy Ann-Marie Arioli 
Theatre Education Carola Berendts
Lighting Tashi-Yves, Dobler Lopez 
Assistant director Sophia Pervilhac 
Production Theater Kanton Zürich

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