Alles nicht wahr
Fri 27.01 8.00 p.m. Schweizer Erstaufführung

Alles nicht wahr

Ein Georg Kreisler-Liederabend mit Nikolaus Habjan & der Musicbanda Franui

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for ages 12+
Duration: 85 min. without an intermission
Language: German

Talk before the performance with Nikolaus Habjan and Ute Haferburg at 7.15 p.m. (in German)


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Celebrated puppeteer, art whistler and director Nikolaus Habjan and the famous Musicbanda Franui from Tyrol are here to bring an all-new programme of songs from the great Austrian composer, cabaret artist and wordsmith Georg Kreisler to the stage of the Theater Casino Zug – featuring puppets, plenty of singing, acerbic lyrics and a weird and wonderful soundscape including dulcimer, harp, zither, violin, double bass, accordion and a whole host of woodwind and brass.

The focal point of the evening will be “Lady Bug”, a soubrette of advancing years who has been on her farewell tour with the Franui musicians for the past 15 years. She devotes her unique power of expression to the musical works of Kreisler, showcasing her irascible, self-opinionated side yet managing to be lovable and charming all at the same time. The diva’s stage name proves to be a treacherous play on words, however, and may well come to bug her for as long as her tour continues…


With Nikolaus Habjan, Musicbanda Franui
Singing, recitation Lady Bug
Concept, puppet construction Nikolaus Habjan
Concept, Re-composition & musical arrangement Markus Kraler, Andrea Schett
Clarinet, bass clarinet Johannes Eder
Tuba Andreas Fuetsch
Alto saxophone, clarinet Romed Hopfgartner
Double bass, accordion Markus Kraler
Harp, zither, voice Angelika Rainer
Dulcimer. voice Bettina Rainer
Trumpet, voice Markus Rainer
Trumpet, voice, moderation, musical direction Andreas Schett
Violin Nikolai Tunkowitsch
Valve trombone, voice Martin Senfter
Music and text Georg Kreisler

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