Stiftung Theater Casino Zug

The operation of the Theatre Casino Zug includes all the departments that are necessary to make your stay as a guest (or as a tenant of the rooms) a memorable one.

As a tenant or organizer, your first contact person is Prisca Elsener from Room Management. You can check dates, premises, furnishing, technical basics and many other needs. As a long-term employee, she knows every corner of the house and can assist you with all your needs.
As a guest, you first meet our Cloakroom Team. With friendly faces and clever hands to take your coats, bags or umbrellas and keep them safe until the end of the performance.

Do not have a ticket yet? Then you are in the right place. The Ticket SalesTeam of Martina Sommaruga and Marlena Zeberli will be happy to provide you with all the information you need such as children's prices or membership fees, view of the stage or seats with more legroom, wheelchair accessibility or parking facilities.

Please note that following the refurbishment, the ticket sales desk is now located in the newly created entrance foyer

Not all events require the same facilities and so almost all our rooms can be individually designed. It takes years of experience when it comes to lighting and sound so that you can enjoy the performance. The Event Technicians Patrick Rohr and Roland Meyer, along with their team and their leader André Stocker ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Before you enter a room, your ticket will be checked. This task is fulfilled by the Concierge Team: always friendly, speedy and precise. These employees also help you find the right entrance.

In the hall, itself the audience is assisted by the Security Team. These employees also welcome you in the hall and accompany you to your seat if necessary. At the end of the performance, they will be there to say goodbye.

You will witness as a guest that you will be approached and subtly looked after by our Visitor ServiceTeam (wardrobe, concierge and security staff).

We are sure that you will appreciate the cleanliness and efficiency of the Theatre Casino Zug and in the house itself. Ernst Iten (Head of House Service and Technology) and Salvatore Peluso along with their team work constantly behind the scenes to make sure that temperature and air quality managed by a complex control system is perfect for your visit.

Around 50 people are entrusted with the different tasks at the Theatre Casino Zug and are committed to making you feel welcome and feeling at home.

On behalf of the Foundation Council Theatre Casino Zug, the Operations Manager, Manda Litscher, is the hub for the whole business coordinating all the diverse fields and processes.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Foundation Council

Dolfi Müller President
Pia Spiess Vice President
Karl Kobelt
Johannes Stöckli
Marcel Grepper

Theater Casino Zug

Artherstrasse 2-4, 6300 Zug